2018-07-15 18:10:00 CEST

It doesn't get better than this

Sarah and Melissa rebound after disappointing finishes in the best possible way

Smiley Sarah and Melissa on top of the Gstaad Major's podiumSmiley Sarah and Melissa on top of the Gstaad Major's podium

Winning a Beach Major Series tournament in Gstaad is probably on top of the wish list of every beach volleyball player competing internationally. Canada’s Sarah Pavan and Melissa Humana-Paredes can already cross it from theirs as they stood on top of the podium in the Swiss Alps for the first time after their victory in the Swatch Major Gstaad.

The world rankings leaders had already won a cowbell in Gstaad last year, when they won the bronze medal, but to end a week of perfect weather and world-class volleyball with the golden ones around their necks was just perfect.

“It can’t get much better than that,” Melissa smiles afterwards. “It’s a great feeling to be able to come up here and to play some good volleyball. It was a good game and fun volleyball to watch. It feels great to be able to play and compete, that’s what we’re here for. And to be able to come out on top, it’s just an incredible feeling. We’ll never get tired of this.”

The Canadians has already won two other World Tour gold medals, including the one of the 2017 Poreč Major, and the 2018 Commonwealth Games, but they have no doubt that this week’s accomplishment will certainly be ranked very high on their list of memorable victories a they entered the tournament with three-straight ninth-place finishes.

“The first gold was so special, but this one means a lot for us,” the 25-year-old defender added. “It’s been hard the last year, we had to do some serious work together and it has brought us a lot closer and we had to suffer a little bit and go through the struggle, and then embrace the struggle. We had some finished we didn’t like and to be able to rebound from that and come back and stand on top of the podium speaks volumes and it’s so special.”

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Sarah and Melissa stood with big smiles in the podium, but Gstaad was certainly not the only place in the world where their victory was celebrated as their families, in Canada, were certainly paying close attention to what was happening across the Atlantic Ocean.

We have very supportive families,” Sarah commented. “It doesn’t matter what time we play, they wake up and just watch the game or follow the live scoring, so they kind of freak out a bit. Mel’s parents went to Fort Lauderdale, mine are coming to Vienna, so they get to see the good ones.”

One of their relatives, though, had stronger reasons to feel joyful as Hernán, Melissa’s father and one her biggest supporters, was also celebrating his birthday this Sunday. And he’ll get a very special gift: a coveted Gstaad cowbell.

“I’m going to give this to him,” Melissa said. “I gave my last one to my mom, so this one is his now and I’m so excited that I could win on his birthday.”

Congratulations, ladies!

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