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Insider Tips: Things to do in Gstaad

It’s not all about eating cheese!

The Swatch Major Gstaad will kick off in two weeks’ time, and simply saying ‘we can’t wait’ is the understatement of the century! It’s more like: WE CAN’T WAIT!!!!! And that’s screaming it from the mountaintops – get it? Because we’ll soon be in the mountaintops.

Since the destination is as five-star as the event, and, since you’ll be there already (in Gstaad attending the Swatch Major Gstaad, obvs) we thought we’d also give you some city inspo of where to go and what to do to make the most of your trip to the Alpine treasure. Here is a list of touristy things to do that you should just copy/paste to your Gstaad bucket list like yesterday:


1. Hiking

The first thought that pops into your mind when visiting a city nestled in mountains is – how can I best take them in? Or better yet, how can I safely scale them, now that I’ve seen them? So let us just kill two birds with one stone for you: you can hike (safely scale the mountains) and while you’re at it, dip all sorts of yummy things into melted, gooey, cheesy cheese, because… when in Switzerland. It’s not as confusing as it sounds, Gstaad offers amazing hiking trails and some are even bundled with little quaint mountainy fondue locales. Feast your eyes… and just feast generally? Best part: you can pre-order pre-prepared fondue backpacks... eat your heart out! More info on Fondueland: click here. 

You can also challenge yourself: Can you hike all the way to the Center Court?

Just casually enjoying cheese with a view. Photocredit: Gstaad TourismJust casually enjoying cheese with a view. Photocredit: Gstaad Tourism

2, Biking

Hiking too slow a pace for you? You have the need for speed? Or actually, you skipped leg-day and need a catch up, but not one that will work your legs too much (you still need to be able to stand, cheer and Mexican Wave on Center Court). We got you. Actually we’ve got the bike for you. Ever heard of e-bikes? They’re like the Tesla of bikes. A silent, environmentally-friendly electric motor just giving you that gentle push, GREAT on uphills and let’s be honest, what’s more uphill than an alpine mountain? Nothing. So whaddya waitin’ for? Go’on get bikin. Best part: For your convenience - Thömus Bikes can be found right in the beach village – go ahead and test one out and don’t blame us if you fall in love.

You can also challenge yourself: Bike Dörferweg before the first whistle on 10 July 2018.

Hop hop Hopp Schweiz! Photocredit: Gstaad Tourism Hop hop Hopp Schweiz! Photocredit: Gstaad Tourism

3. River Rafting or Canyoning

It’s summer after all, it’s normal to seek out activities that will really float your boat. So while hiking or biking, you might stop and catch sight of a river and we all know what happens when you see river rapids. Your first thought is: where can I get hold of an inflatable raft and white-water raft the….out of that rapid? And if that doesn’t rock your boat – and you’d prefer going overboard – you could also experience those rapids with nothing but your body by canyoning – for the real adventure junkie. Bucket list…. Check. Good to know that the River Saane and Simme in Gstaad are perfect destinations for both of the above. Best part: It’s possibly one of the funnest things you could do as a grownup. More info – click here

You could also challenge yourself: By actually doing it! 

The calm before the EPICNESS! Photocredit: Gstaad Tourism The calm before the EPICNESS! Photocredit: Gstaad Tourism

4. Attend the Gstaad Major DUHHH

Let’s not forget your reason for living which also happens to be the entire reason for you being in Gstaad in the first place… the beach volleyball event that basically defines summer in the Alps – what else? The best of the best gathered in the beautiful city for a week of non-stop beach volleyball action. Serving, spiking, bumping and more… Take your essentials along with you, your screaming voice, your country flags, your team jerseys, your sunblock, your face paint! Learn your chants because it's Swatch Major Gstaad time ya’ll. It’s where it’s happening, teams battling it out for the one-of-a-kind cowbells! The only question you need to ask yourself is when will the stadium open so that you can secure your front row seat to all the action? Best part: that’s a no-brainer, the cowbells, obvs.

You can also challenge yourself: Come up with a new stadium chant and get it to catch on? We dare you.

When I get older I will be stronger, they’ll call me freedom just like a waving flag. Photocredit: Mihai StetcuWhen I get older I will be stronger, they’ll call me freedom just like a waving flag. Photocredit: Mihai Stetcu

5. Cheese cave

Is there a poem about cheese? If there isn’t, someone should really write one. Like love, and all these big emotions, cheese really gives one the feels! Who doesn’t love cheese? Personally, I think EVERYTHING tastes better with cheese! And we know we said it isn’t all about cheese, but we cannot leave cheese out altogether, that’s sacrilege! We are going to be in the home of cheese after all, its best not to disrespect cheese in its own home. Imagine this: visiting a cheese cave… let that sink in. It’s like a bat cave but better! Instead of being surrounded by possible bad guys, you’re surrounded by an endless amount of cheese wheels! 

And just then, the clouds part and a gentle glow is cast down from the heavens and the faint sound of angels singing can be heard as you taste fresh cheese wheel for the first time. You want to experience that don’t you? Well thank goodness there’s a cheese cave in Gstaad! Best part: take the kids, teach them about cheese!

You can also challenge yourself: Do 20 bench presses with a whole cheese wheel (take a bite in-between each press for some added variety). 

All I want for Christmas is… Photocredit: Gstaad Tourism ©All I want for Christmas is… Photocredit: Gstaad Tourism ©

6. Summer Tobogganing 

When you’re a grownup, you seldom get the opportunity to go to the playground and play on jungle-gyms and slides, and let’s face it, it was a sad, sad day, the day we didn’t go to the playground anymore and instead sat in groups trying to be cool, because playgrounds were for little kids and you weren’t a little kid anymore (even though we all know how fun playgrounds are). But you know, you can’t go anymore as a grownup: 1.) Because it’s super weird. 2.) Because most of the park equipment is made for five-year-old you. So when you hear about a 620-meter long huge slide, down a mountain, existing, you gotta go and get tobogganing. And again, this exists in Gstaad. Best part: you get to say you tobogganed down a mountain. For more info, click here.

You can also challenge yourself: Try to scream ‘Wee’ all the way down.

And this little piggy cried wee wee wee… all the way home. Photocredit: Gstaad Tourism And this little piggy cried wee wee wee… all the way home. Photocredit: Gstaad Tourism

7. Shopping

No-one’s going to believe that you traveled to a place unless you come home with a few bought essentials – or even better, shop just to take pictures of what you bought. I mean – if you don’t shop, how else are you going to Instagram your perfect ‘essentials’ shot? You know, the one with the strategically placed coffee, complete with a heart in the foam, with the caption: ‘holiday essentials’? Yeah that one. Gstaad’s quaint inner-city has a large selection of shops for you to choose from as well as the perfect backdrop for your selfies and stories. Best part: Get some good ol’ retail therapy. For more info, click here.

You can also challenge yourself: By breaking your holiday shopping record.

Take my money Gstaad, just take my money! Photocredit: Gstaad TourismTake my money Gstaad, just take my money! Photocredit: Gstaad Tourism

8. Party in the village

Now what would a Swatch Major Gstaad be without the suitable after-hours entertainment? And what would an article on travel insider tips be without any night-time spots? Exactly. Great news, every single evening during the Swatch Major Gstaad, is a party evening, right in the beach village. That’s right folks, from Tuesday to Thursday, beach volleyball fans can dance the night away. Best part: You don’t even have to go anywhere, it’s all happening right in the beach village! For more info: click here.

You can also challenge yourself: Attend. Every. Single. Night. *drops mic*

Ooooooh yeah! Photocredit: Martin SteinthalerOoooooh yeah! Photocredit: Martin Steinthaler

And that concludes the first Swatch Major Gstaad Insider Tips series, here is a poem about cheese:

Cheese is beautiful,

Cheese is kind,

Really good cheese is hard to find!


Thank goodness for Switzerland, Gstaad and Fondue,

All the things that are good for you!

Cheese with holes, cheese with rind, 

Soft cheeses, melted, on all I have dined.


A poem about cheese, so good

There never was one to broadcast.

This is not the first and definitely not the last!


Aaaah… I love cheese!

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