2017-07-04 10:11:00 CEST

Ready G-steady Go!

World’s best aim for main draw

Olympians Ranghieri/Carambula will need to qualify for the main draw.Olympians Ranghieri/Carambula will need to qualify for the main draw.

The competition to reach the main draw at the Gstaad Major has never been tougher as qualification kicks off the tournament on Tuesday.

In the men’s competition, 11 of the top 32 ranked teams in the world face a battle to reach the main draw with qualification matches on Tuesday.

Following Monday’s games, which included a victory for Poreč Major winners Pedro Solberg/Guto, three women’s teams in the world’s 32 were eliminated in the country quota – which just goes to show the strength in depth of this year’s tournament.

In other news on the first day of the tournament, two popular teams have withdrawn from the Major in the mountains. Olympic champions Laura Ludwig and Kira Walkenhorst of Germany and Dutch duo Alexander Brouwer and Robert Meeuwsen have pulled out due to injury.

Matches got under way at 10am CET and remember you can watch every single game live on BeachStream.

Click here for today’s court schedule and here for the draw for qualification.

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