2017-05-15 16:59:00 CEST

50 days to Gstaad Major!

We're counting down the days to the Major in the mountains!

Ladies and gents, get your dirndls and lederhosen ready, today marks 50 days until the start of the Gstaad Major!

It’s just 50 days until we are able to enjoy fondue on the Center Court, 50 days until we arrive in the city synonymous with celebrity glitz and glam; and 50 days until the first serve…

When the entire beach volleyball community will be saying “Sal-ooh” (written phonetically, obvs) and yodelling out of pure excitement, the question is where will you be? Your answer better be ‘in Gstaad’ or else you will be missing out and if you haven’t booked your flights and hotels, or made your road trip plans yet, we cannot be held responsible for the massive pangs of regret and major life questioning that this article may bring about.

Why Gstaad?

Is that even a question? I mean have you seen the place? There are cows everywhere! When you’re not completely absorbed in all the digging and spiking happening on the sand; and the Olympians being in arms reach, you could even maybe possibly learn how to milk one… finally something a YouTube tutorial alone can’t teach you. How many events around these days can actually give you a new skill? I bet none. Interested in volunteering? Click here.

It’s like the Four Seasons of beach volleyball

Again, have you seen the place?!

Switzerland, the land of chocolate, cheese, beautiful people and beautiful surroundings. Where others have concrete Lego-like structures, Switzerland has castles and palaces. Where others have slapdash cocoa milk mixtures, Switzerland has melt-in-your-mouth, creamy chocolate, the sort of stuff that makes you believe in fairies and unicorns. And lastly, where others insist on having beach volleyball played on an actual beach – Switzerland raises them, literally by a 1,000 meters, to have beach volleyball played in the mountains. 

Beach volleyball mecca

For six days, Gstaad will be transformed into a beach volleyball Mecca. Players and fans alike will come together, all with the same goal: to enjoy some good ol’ fashioned beach volleyball. Olympians and stars will dazzle, fans will scream, from the Center Court and from the stands – total beach domination is not only anticipated but expected. 

Aaaand it’s Summer!

Summer is like Friday of seasons. Days get longer, shorts get shorter, the air is crisp with smell of open doors and opportunities waiting to be exploited, and flowers and full in bloom colouring making the world an overall happy place, and finally, our champions are in full-on competition mode, ready to take all. You can bet your bottom dollar that the action will be top class, the stars will be top brass, and the venue is certainly jaw-dropping. #EnoughSaid


Here’s a poem:

A valley beneath the Swiss Alp mountaintops,

Lies one of our biggest Swatch Major Series tour stops,

Today the Gstaad Major is only 50 days away,

But really we all wish that it was today.


Save the Date #GstaadMajor

The Porec Major returns for a third year in a row: https://ch.swatchmajorseries.com/ 04.07.17 - save the date

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