Sustainability report


As part of a pilot project with the federal office for spatial planning and development (ARE), for environment (BAFU) and for sport (BASPO), the Beach Volleyball Major Series - Swatch Major Gstaad set up the first sustainability report according to the GRI-EOSS-guidelines. GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) are guidelines for a comprehensive sustainability reporting in consideration of economical, ecological and social factors. The EOSS- guidelines (Event Organizers Sector Supplement) were published in January 2012 and serve as a guide for reporting about sustainability in the event market.

Sustainability  - Volunteers clothes for Africa

The Beach Volleyball Major Series - Swatch Major Gstaad is not only ensuring a highlight in Gstaad, but also in Zambia, Africa. Every year remains lot of clothing, which we would like to hand on reasonably. In Mpanshya, Zambia residents can look forward getting volunteer clothes from Gstaad time after time. Every two years, our volunteer representative Gabi Thoenen is organizing a transport of trousers, T-Shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, etc. to Mpanshya. On her visits, she is meeting people with our volunteer clothes over and over again. Find out more about the project in Mpanshya here.

Sustainability @ Swatch Major Gstaad

Our local gastro partners, who are using especially products from the region, are taking care of the stands in the village, as well as at the promenade. The Grand Hotel Bellevue is responsible for the catering at the VIP-tent, so the kitchen installation is already available. Moreover, at least one vegetarian menu is offered.  

A public event is producing large amounts of garbage, so we set ourself a goal to minimize the amount of garbage as well as to ensure recycling and the separation of trash. Following actions are taken on site:

  • Our cleaning team is taking care of cleanliness and garbage separation around the clock.
  • Drinks are only sold in returnable PET cups with a depot. There is also a depot for PET or glass, for which you receive a chip.
  • Separation of PET, glass, paper/carton, metal/aluminium, construction garbage and normal garbage (for visitors).
  • Enough waste container are positioned in the audience area (every 25m, clearly visible).
  • Meals are served in reusable dishes only with a minimum deposit of CHF 2.00.
  • Dishes of renewable resources, which are an environmentally compatible alternative to plastic products and which can be cleaned CO2-neutral - through fermentation, composting or burning. The dishes are specifically separated and accordingly composted.

We support the use of public transportation (cooperation with BLS RailAway).

For the transportation between the Center Court and the Side Courts is an available Saanen Bank train. For our VIP guest, we provide a free shuttle transportation between the VIP Parking at Rütti School and the Center Court. 

Available parking spaces for bikes; lot of local visitors arrive by bike.

The accommodations for players/employees/volunteers etc. are close to the event (Gstaad, Saanen, Schönried).

For parking spaces, there is a parking fee of CHF 10.-/ day.

Power consumption
We use the 100% certified green electricity from BKW and all tournament facilities are connected to the power supply.  

There is a multifunctional use of the venue in cooperation with Grand Chelem Management S.A., the organizer of the tennis tournament (stadium/tribunes, tents, construction). With the cooperation, the facility doesn’t need to be built for just one event and synergies can be used.  
In order to provide continuity at our beach volleyball courts, we take care of the reutilization of the tournament sand after the event. The sand of the center court is being stored at the side courts of the Sportzentrum Gstaad AG. This procedure is much cheaper than buying new sand every year and the impacts on the environment are held low, for example no transportation is needed, which again causes CO2 emissions.

For the beach printed papers we use paper with the label FSC Mix. Apart from FSC-certified raw materials, non certified material of controlled sources is being processed in the production. Wood of illegal sources, overexploitation or without proof of origin is excluded. For results or schedules during the tournament we use recycling paper with 100% recycled paper content.

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Sustainability report 2020

Social responsibility

Nachwuchs-Franken, Sporthilfe

The Beach Volleyball Major Series - Swatch Major Gstaad is partner of the Swiss Sporthilfe Foundation in the project of Nachwuchs-Franken. In the online-ticketshop of ticketmaster you can donate one franc, in addition to the price of the ticket, in favor of young sport talents. This contribution signifies a valuable support for the Swiss youth. Find more information about Nachwuchs-Franken here.

Discount for STUcard member

In addition the discount for teenager (10-15 years), we offer a discount for young people (16-26 years), who are member of the STUcard (BEKB). Tickets are available here.

Engagement of local associations

For various works (construction, cleaning) during the Beach Volleyball Major Series - Swatch Major Gstaad we involve local volunteers and local associations.

People with limited mobility

To make a visit easier for people with limited mobility and to see the matches live on site, we offer free wheelchair tickets (special booked platform). The entrance to the area is flat. Moreover, we offer parking spaces for wheelchair users in close proximity to the tournament facility. Find here information about tickets and parking places.