Beach Village


A large selection of exclusive and sporty watches from Swatch. With the personal advice you will find the right design.


The Coop Naturaplan bus also stops at the Swatch Major Gstaad for the 25th anniversary of Naturaplan. Test your game skills and win great prizes. Try the Naturaplan Iced Tea Tasting and recognize the subtle differences. And those who have not had enough proving their accuracy in the estimation competition -  attractive prizes can be won.

Red Bull Organics Bar

Relax with iced fresh drinks at the Red Bull Organics Bar and feel the rythm from the DJ. Discover the new Red Bull editions here.


Beach corner

Choose your lunch or dinner here and try one of the traditional or Asian dishes. Stop by!
The Beach Corner is open until the party is finished.


The kids corner with free admission is located near the tournament village (in front of the Grand Hotel Bellevue, in the Kirchgemeindehaus). From Tuesday until Sunday, between 10 am and 15 minutes after the last game, children from over 3 years can do handcrafts, painting and play at the Hello-Family-Kidscorner. Qualified volunteers, teachers and mothers from the whole Saanenland take care of the kids. The highlights are a Jamadu-bouncing-castle, a big sandbox and different Jamadu memory games.

Our Saanen Bank train brings you from the Center Court to the Kidscorner and back, every day between 11 am - 7 pm.

Important: Even if the entrance to the kids corner is for free, children need to have a valid ticket, and one of the parent as well!

Tickets for children can be ordered here, or, from 8th July 2019 on, directly at the ticketing desk. In both cases, we need an ID or passport to check the age of your child.

There are no tickets available at the Hello-Family-Kidscorner desk!

Brand Sport

Get the perfect outfit! Volleyballs, beach-tops,
T-shirts and much more.


Have a look at Pures shop. A big choice of trendy Flips Flops to feel like you would be at the beach.


A typical crispy pizza dough, best quality ingredients and a nice smelling wood stove at the food area of Arc-en-ciel.  You can eat a fresh and tasty pizza in a casual atmosphere.

Ruci Swiss Ice Cream

Flavorful Indian spices combined with the best Swiss milk.
Indulge yourself an ice cream and enjoy the unique taste.


Prepare bets on the Sporttip App or play directly at the Sporttip-stand in the Beach Village. Follow the Beach Volleyball matches with even more excitement.

Corona Bar

Get a refreshing cold beer at the Corona Bar and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere.


Games for big and small. Sinalco welcomes you at the Beach Village.